Irix Expands Cine Prime Line with 30mm T1.5

Irix began offering cine versions of some of their popular photo lenses back in 2019 with the introduction of their 150mm Macro. While this was merely a re-purposing of their photo lens, it came with a promise of more dedicated cinema lenses. The Irix Cine 11mm and 15mm followed shortly which were also re-purposed photo lenses. Shortly thereafter, Irix introduced its first proper cine lens in the form of a 45mm T1.5. It checked practically all of the boxes one would want for such a lens and marked the beginning of them making good on their promise of more cine-specific lenses. We now have the next proper cine prime bringing the Irix Cine line to five lenses.

The newest addition is a unique 30mm T1.5. A high-speed fixed focal length that is clearly not a cookie cutter design. The lens features all the same bells and whistles of the rest of the Irix Cine lens such as their Magnetic Mounting System (MMS) which utilizes clever magnets to position and retain the sun shade or filters from their Edge Filter system. One welcome upgrade is the revision of their front cap which, for anyone who owns an Irix Cine lens will know, was an absolute disaster in earlier Irix Cine lenses. Thankfully there will be revised front caps for the rest of the product line soon as well.

The new 30mm, along with the rest of the Irix Cine line will be available in practically any mount you’d want including the obvious Arri PL, Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Leica/Sigma/Panasonic L, and of course Micro 4/3 if you don’t mind the crop factor of those sensors. At this point in time, Irix is also the only cine lens manufacturer offering their lenses in a native Canon RF mount which is ideal for the RED Komodo and even more so for the upcoming RED Raptor which will utilize a Canon RF mount AND Full Frame image sensor. A fantastic pairing!

The new Irix 30mm T1.5 is available for pre-order, shipping later this month along with the rest of the Irix line are available from Duclos Lenses. As usual, here’s some tech specs for the true lens geeks out there:

Sensor coverage>full frame (43.3 mm)
Focal length30 mm
Aperture rangeT1.5 ~ T16
Number of iris blades11 (rounded shape)
Minimum focusing distance0,34 m (13.39”)
Focus ring Rotation angle 180°
Gear pitch0.8 M
Number of teeth119
Distance scaleMetric or imperial
Aperture ring Rotation angle75°
Gear pitch0.8 M
Number of teeth110
Viewing angle (horizontal)Full Frame 61,9°
S-35mm 1.39x45,1°
APS-C 1.53x42,9°
APS-C 1.62x40,9°
MFT 2.0x32,2°
Front filter thread86 x 1.0 mm
Weather sealing5 rubber o-rings (PL 4  rubber o-rings)
Front diameter95 mm
Markingslaser engraved, UV reactive
Dimensions (L x D) (without accessories)
Canon RF130×97 mm
Nikon Z135×97 mm
L-mount131×97 mm
Canon EF 101 x 57 mm
Sony E133 x 97 mm
Arri PL mount99 x 95 mm
MFT mount132 x 97 mm
Weight (without accessories)
Canon RF1187 g
Nikon Z1225 g
L-mount1223 g
Canon EF 1130g
Sony E1191g
Arri PL mount1136g
MFT mount1215g

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