DZOFilm Announces Catta Full Frame Cine Zooms

DZOFilm is still a very new company to the motion picture industry. In fact, their initial product launch only dates back to 2019. Nearly one year since the launch of the Super 35 Pictor zooms, the latest full frame zoom lenses from DZOFilm – named “Catta” – have been announced.

“After the launch of Super 35 zoom lenses ‘Pictor,’ and full frame prime lenses ‘Vespid,’ we began to think about meeting the zoom needs of full frame users, and this brought our these full frame zoom lenses — Catta,” says DZOFilm in their press release. With an increasing amount of cinematographers turning to Full Frame format, the Catta Zooms aim to meet current market demands for high-quality images and covering large format cameras like the latest RED V-Raptor.

So where does the name “Catta” come from? Similar to the Vespid primes being named after the lightweight, nimble wasp, in Chinese catta means monkey. DZO FIlm chose this name as it reflects the characteristics of the new zooms; “with a swift body, that remains curious in their environmental surroundings”. The zooms are lightweight and compact making them easy to transport from location to location, allowing more possibilities when shooting.

The Catta zoom focal lengths are 35-80mm T2.9 and 70-135mm T2.9, covering the basic focal lengths, enabling cinematographers to create cinematic images without sacrificing time in swapping lenses. DZOFilm chose to use polycarbonate and glass fiber to keep the weight of the zooms under 3.5 pounds each. With precise parfocal design, these cinema zoom lenses are ideal for broadcast, indie filmmaking, gimbal and drone shoots, and documentary filmmaking. They feature a manual focus range of 270 degrees, authentic color reproduction and “invisible” focus breathing. The 16-blade aperture produces round smooth bokeh for a natural transition throughout the image.

A couple of features unique to the DZOFilm Catta zooms is the quick-change bayonet mount system and the removeable rear filter tray, allowing users to swap between mounts and filters freely and easily. Check the quick instructional video below.

Focal Length35-80mm70-135mm
Max ApertureT2.9T2.9
FormatFull FrameFull Frame
MountE, RF, L, X, ZE, RF, L, X, Z
Image Circle43.5mm43.5mm
Min. Focus2′ 5″2′ 6″
Iris Blades1616
Front Diameter80mm80mm
Filter Size77mm77mm
Weight3.4 lbs.3.5 lbs.

Currently the Catta lenses are only available with a white housing finish. Both zooms will ship in E mount with the option to add an interchangeable RF, L, X, or Z mount. EF and PL mount zooms with a black exterior will ship next year (no specific date just yet). Pre-Orders will begin shipping towards the end of November (this month!). Visit for more information and pricing. If you’re ready to order, click the button below!

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