Duclos Lenses Introduces Rokinon•Raw Primes



Many productions call for the absolute best lenses possible and end up reaching for Zeiss Master Primes or Panavision Primos for a well corrected, clinical look. This is great if you want an absolutely clean slate to work with in post since it’s always easier to dial down sharpness and add a bit of grunge after the fact. But what if you want something with a little more character – a little bit of flare, in camera.

Why raw?

Duclos Lenses has developed and refined a process to achieve a unique, artistic look utilizing the Rokinon Cine Primes. The procedure performed by Duclos Lenses, deemed Rokinon•Raw, involves a precision polishing formula. This is achieved by removing the anti-reflective coating from specific surfaces of key elements within each lens. Each lens then offers a fine tuned yet expressive look. With the Rokinon•Raw process, these primes still retain a respectable amount of sharpness while introducing a wide range of flares and light kicks. The Rokinon Cine primes are an excellent choice for this procedure given their relatively low point of entry and fast aperture.

What about lenses i already own?

Duclos Lenses will offer the same polishing service applied to the Rokinon•Raw primes to Samyang, Rokinon, whatever flavor you may already own already. Cost and turn-around time to be announced soon. The process can be applied to other lenses as well but the results are not consistent across alternative designs.


Offered in a set which includes a 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm T1.5 prime lens, all packed neatly away in a custom foamed 4-hole flight case, the Rokinon•Raw set will be available at Duclos Lenses very soon. For more information including samples, pricing, and availability, join the Rokinon•Raw Update Mailing List at http://duclos.tv/rokinonraw

19 thoughts on “Duclos Lenses Introduces Rokinon•Raw Primes

  1. I love it!
    I’m guessing these come with the modified front diameters too?
    Is there any way to help the limited degrees of focus rotation? I hate pulling off a monitor…

  2. Great idea! Bad name. This industry has gone RAW crazy right now. Why not “naked lenses” that would be sure to turn a few more heads on set…

  3. We were already going to going to ask about getting some lenses decoated having rented the set from ShootBlue in the UK recently. The 14mm would also be an essential addition for us.

    1. We’ll probably add the 14mm on as an a la carte addition to the fast primes. I really don’t like the fact that the 24, 35, and 85mm are T1.5 and then 14mm drops to a T3.1

  4. I would like to see a side to side comparison of the coated and de-coated lenses. Are you planning to do this?

  5. ..hmm..clever Matt..make sure you patent the idea…..
    ..no doubt the manufacturers will start offering uncoated lenses…

  6. Hai sir,

    How are you

    Is samyang vdslr series II is same as rokinon cine DS

    The Rokinon Cine DS lineup has 3 primary advantages:
    1) All of the gears are unified among all Rokinon Cine DS lenses. The focus and aperture gears are exactly aligned so that the user does not have to re-adjust his/her follow focus when swapping out lenses.
    2) The new Cine DS lenses now feature dual focusing scales, one on each side.
    3) All of the Cine DS lenses are tested to be color matched to provide the same color & contrast in video production.

    Does samyang new series vdslr II will get the same advantages ? when i contact with different Authorized seller, they informed Rokinon has recently requested Samyang, the original manufacturer of the lenses to produce glass in a difference spec which is what you see in the DS line currently, which those specs samyang doesnt hold

    What is tha fact, coz in our country Rokinon lens is not available

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