Proper Maintenance Is Critical For New Lenses

Duclos Lenses recently announced a now program that offers customers the ability to bring their equipment in anytime for what is essentially routine check-up and maintenance. Any lens purchased from Duclos Lenses is eligible for two years from the date of purchase at no additional cost to the customer. This is great for users who shoot in harsh climates or rough conditions since they can simply bring their lens in to Duclos Lenses after a shoot and have it cleaned up, back-focus checked and calibrate, and evaluated for any potential damage done during the shoot. It’s like having your own personal lens tech to inspect your gear before and/or after every shoot. Considering Duclos Lenses has been servicing lenses for over a decade and has over 100 years of combined motion picture lens service experience, this is just another reason why Duclos Lenses is the premiere destination for professional motion picture optics.

Here’s the details pulled from

In an effort to show our customers just how much we enjoy and appreciate them, we are introducing a new 2-Year Service+ Maintainence Program included with the purchase of any new lens from Duclos Lenses. The program will offer a range of services to ensure your lenses continue working to the absolute best of their ability. Duclos Lenses is the premiere source for professional motion picture lenses thanks to our stringent quality control procedures applied to every single lens coming in and going out and that’s just where the Service Program begins… 

When you purchase a lens from Duclos Lenses, we’re so committed to ensuring you receive the absolute best customer service and experience possible, we include our 2-Year Service+ Maintenance Program at no additional cost. The program will last for two years from the invoice date, with no limit on frequency. The Service Program offers the following features:

  • Included with every new lens at no additional charge.
  • Complete Exterior Cleaning (includes dirt, debris, grime, tape gum, etc.).
  • Front & Rear Element Cleaning (remove foreign contaminants, assess potential surface damage).
  • Flange Depth & Infinity Focus Calibration (includes check and calibration of back focus and infinity focus).
  • Full Diagnostic Check-Up (complete eval of operating functions, report of any additional recommendations).

With the 2-Year Service Program from Duclos Lenses, you can have your lenses professionally checked and calibrated before every project to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability. The Service Program also allows customers to bring their lenses in after a project to make sure everything is still operating properly and to diagnose any potential damage, a real lifesaver for insurance records. The Service Program is layed out specifically to help our customers maintain their equipment throughout their career. We strongly believe that lenses are one of the most important investments a cinematographer can make. We want to make sure that you and your lenses are taken care of. 

For additional details, contact a Duclos Lenses representative and see how Duclos Lenses can help you.

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