S7/i Full Frame Plus: Cooke’s Answer to Vista Vision

It’s no surprise that Cooke is joining the Full Frame revolution. They’ve cornered the market on stylized, romantic cinema glass and now they’re taking aim at the Vista Vision crowd to ensure the Cooke Look is carried over to just about any format out there. The new S7/i primes will cover an image circle up to 46.31mm which is slightly larger than standard Full Frame (hence the “PLUS” in the product name). Just ahead of NAB 2017, let’s take a look at the next big addition to the Vista Vision lens market from Cooke.

The most obvious talking point of these new lenses is their image circle which, as mentioned, is an impressive 46.31mm. For comparison, FF35 only requires a 43.2mm image circle. The next impressive number of the new S7/i primes is the speed. Cooke has the entire line listed at a perfectly matched T2.0. And lastly, the focal lengths… With eight focal lengths from 18mm all the way to 135mm.


The S7/i primes will be familiar to any S4/i or 5/i shooters with the same low-maintenance cam driven focus system, uniform gear position, 90 degree iris rotation, and 270 degree focus rotation. The S7/i primes will include Cooke’s /i Technology for integrated lens data transfer.

So who are these for? Don’t expect these to fall into the “affordable” category. Cooke takes great pride in their hand-built lenses and stellar reputation, and rightfully so. The heritage that Cooke is able to incorporate into their lens designs is well earned. The S7/i primes will be no exception and are sure to offer superb, character-rich image quality with robust, reliable mechanical build quality to professional cinematographers. If you’re anxiously awaiting delivery of your 8K VV Red or you’re anticipating a new FF35 cinema camera from Arri, Sony, or Canon, you may very well want to take a closer look at these new primes from Cooke.

Don’t forget to check out Cooke Optics at NAB 2017, booth #C5414 where you’ll be able to get your hands on these as well as Cooke’s Panchro Classic primes. For those of you who love numbers, see below:


s7i-spec2 (1)

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