Duclos Lens Lab: Zeiss CP.3 eXtended Data Workflow Recap

Duclos Lenses hosted another Duclos Lens Lab at RED Studios Hollywood several weeks ago. This time we focused on Zeiss’ new CP.3 line and the workflow associated with the eXtended Data features, exclusive to the CP.3 XD primes.

Our friends at ProductionHub.com were kind enough to capture our presentation featuring Snehal Patel of Zeiss which you can see below.

The rest of the event included a hands-on shooting environment where we allowed guests to actually use the CP.3 primes in a real-world environment, including live image correction with the CP.3’s eXtended Data features. You can purchase the Zeiss CP.3 primes here. The eXtended Data models are expected to begin shipping in a few months.

Thanks to all that attended. We’ll see you at the next Duclos Lens Lab!

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