Tokina Unveils New 25-75mm T2.9 Cine Zoom

Tokina Cinema has announced the new 25-75mm T2.9. Its focal length falls between its predecessors 11-20mm and 50-135mm, creating a versatile trio of zooms.

Size comparison of Tokina Cinema zooms.

While it’s designed to cover Super 35 cameras, combining the Tokina Cinema 1.6x Expander and the 25-75mm you’ll have a 40-120mm T4.2 that covers FF/VV sensors. It is mechanically and optically designed to match the other Tokina cinema zoom lenses, including the parfocal design which holds focus while zooming, limits focus breathing and minimizes distortion. Combined, the three cinema zoom lenses cover 11mm super wide angle to 135mm telephoto at a competitive price. The lens features industry standard 0.8 MOD cinema gears, T2.9 iris, 86mm filter thread, and 95mm front diameter for common cinema accessories.

Lens MountPL, EF, E, MFT, F
Focal Length25-75mm
Zoom Ratio3:1
Optical Design18 Elements / 15 Groups
Image Circle36mm Dia.
Minimum Focus0.74m, 2.43ft
Maximum Magnification1:7.89
Iris Bladeds9
Filter ThreadM86x1.0
Overall Length173.5mm (PL)
Front Diameter95mm Dia.

The Tokina Cinema 25-75 T2.9 is available for pre-order from Duclos Lenses. Delivery is Spring 2021.

One thought on “Tokina Unveils New 25-75mm T2.9 Cine Zoom

  1. Thinking about this trip of lenses and what Helium provides in terms of resolution vs. needs of UHD (3840X2160), it occurs to me that RED’s 5k resolution is reasonably sufficient to cleanly debayer down to 3840 horizontal pixels. Thus one can think of the sensor as offering up to a 1.6x digital punch-in, meaning these lenses, combined with digital punch-in offer:

    11-32mm (EW-Normal)
    25-120mm (MW-CU)
    50-216mm (MCU-ECU)

    Provided, of course, that your focus pulling is on point. It will be fascinating to see how these manual lenses stack up against an auto-focus enabled Komodo with Canon’s new RF trios.

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