Recap: DCS Live “Focus on Cine Lenses” Event

For several years, the Digital Cinema Society has hosted an extremely popular lens event at Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles. With Cine Gear cancelled due to the pandemic, the annual event had to adapt and go virtual in order to carry on the tradition. Keep reading to watch and re-watch the Digital Cinema Society’s “Focus on Cine Lenses” digital event.

The “Focus on Cine Lenses, From the Buyer’s POV – Home Edition” took place Tuesday July 28th 2020 with Cinematographer and Founder of DCS, James Mathers; and Lens Expert, Matthew Duclos, as co-moderators.

James Mathers got things rolling with a brief history of DCS. Formed in 2003, the nonprofit corporation’s purpose is and has always been to inform and educate the entertainment industry about new technology regarding digital motion picture production, post, delivery, and exhibition while remaining unbiased towards brands, services, and formats. The consistently growing organization has about 6,500 members to date. Learn more about becoming a member here or jump to the sign up form here.

Thoughtfully, the event was dedicated to former co-moderator and lens and camera expert, Denny Clairmont, whom the industry recently lost. Kind words were said as Mathers reminisced on Denny’s “trademark Hawaiian shirts” and his eagerness to constantly learn. Footage of Denny and Mathers from the 2014 DCS Cine Gear Expo LA event rolled and viewers watched as Denny expressed his views on how anamorphic is making a comeback.

Image credit: “Denny Clairmont Talks Lenses” June 2020

Mathers carried on, introducing Matthew as is co-moderator and all of the participating manufacturers with their representatives – listed below.

AngénieuxJean-Marc Bouchut
ARRIArt Adams
CanonMichael Bravin
CookeLes Zellan
FujinonTom Fletcher
Infinity Photo OpticalJay Margolis
P+S TechnikGerhard Baier
SIGMABrian Linhoff
TokinaRyan Avery
ZEISSSnehal Patel

Each manufacturer representative gave a synopsis of their product line, and explained how they’ve reacted to today’s trends in the motion picture industry including growing camera sensors, lens metadata, and anamorphic cinematography.

Watch the whole live stream with viewer Q&A below. If you have questions that weren’t answered during the presentation, drop them in the comments or chat with a lens expert directly here.

Learn more about the Digital Cinema Society and Duclos Lenses.

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