Canon’s New Zoom Now Shipping

I haven’t been impressed with a 10x zoom since the original Angenieux 25-250mm HR. There are have been several attempts at reviving that focal length; the Fujinon 25-300mm, Arri Alura 45-250mm, even an Angenieux 25-250mm Optimo Style zoom. None of these lenses were bad, they just weren’t particularly good. So I didn’t want to get my hopes up when Canon announced their 25-250mm Cine-Servo. But now that I’ve had a chance to play with it and put it through its paces…

They nailed it! Canon’s latest addition is one of the most well-rounded zooms I’ve seen in a long time. The focal length is an obvious check-mark. What the new Canon offers that the other options didn’t is similar image quality in a much, much smaller and lighter package. And if that wasn’t enough, the included Servo Grip AND integrated 1.5x Tele-Converter are really the cherry on top. Any of these features on their own aren’t too impressive, but all of this in one zoom lens with this kind of range?! Yes please!

The lens includes a 10x optical zoom, and a 180º smooth rotating focus ring. The included 1.5x optical extender increases the focal length from 37.5 to 375mm when engaged. Another benefit of the built-in tele-extender is coverage. I specifically wanted to see if the lens would cover 8K Monstro when the extender is engaged. I’m quite pleased to say that it DOES! Here’s a quick sample:

There’s not much to say in regards to image quality. It’s excellent! The 11-blade aperture produces smooth, clean bokeh. Likewise, Canon’s unique optical design technology helps correct color fringing and limits chromatic aberration.

Focal Length25-250mm
Max ApertureT2.9-3.9
CoverageSuper 35, APS-C
Mount(s)EF, PL
Minimum Focus4 ft
Front Diameter114mm
Length11 inches
Weight6.7 lbs.

The removable servo-grip is sure to please ENG and Doc operators alike. The servo drive unit is compatible with industry-standard protocols for control from a number of lens controllers including Canon’s standard broadcast lens controllers (ZSD-300D/FPD-400D) and other industry standard lens controllers. The drive unit can be easily removed for cinema-style shoots and can be easily re-attached without any manual re-alignment. A 16-bit metadata output enables connection to virtual studio systems.

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