Duclos Lenses Announces LPL Macro Extension Tube

With a design inherited from their original PL Macro Extension Tube, Duclos Lenses’ newest product is here. Achieve maximum close focus with the LPL Macro Extension Tube.

An authentic Duclos Lenses design, the 15mm LPL Macro Extension Tube allows you to decrease the minimum focus of your LPL mount lens to achieve results similar to dedicated macro lenses. So why choose an extension tube over a dedicated macro lens or diopter? Extension tubes are a fraction of the price of a true macro lens, and diopters are usually large, expensive, and fragile pieces of glass. While Macro Extension Tubes are nothing new, Duclos Lenses has produced a product to the highest quality – designed, manufactured, and assembled in Chatsworth, California, the stainless steel components, precision tolerances, and optically flat internal surface finish are meticulously assembled to reduce stray light and ensure the optimal performance is maintained. It’s also worth noting that the Duclos LPL Macro Extension Tube is practically indestructible. Toss an extension tube in your camera bag and go. They are a perfect solution for the inevitable macro shot the client requests mid-shoot.

Simply attach the Duclos LPL Extension Tube to any LPL mount lens and your close focus will be reduced to impressive distances, all while maintaining image quality. Extension tubes add length to the flange thus moving your lens forward and further from the camera sensor. This not only gives you a closer focus distance, but also increases the magnification and provides more dramatic bokeh. The resulting magnification can be calculated by dividing the distance extended, by the lens focal length. Example: Adding the new Duclos LPL Macro Extension Tube to a the Arri 58mm Signature Prime will give you a magnification of approximately 0.435x. If the lens original magnification was 0.185x, then the new magnification will be 0.185x + 0.25x = 0.435x. The downside to using any extension tube is the loss of infinity focus which is generally the opposite of macro work.

Shot on Arri Mini LF with Arri Signature Prime 200mm

While mid to long range lenses benefit most from this product, the Duclos LPL Extension Tube can be used on just about any LPL mount lens depending on its physical size and original close focus ability.   It is important to note that the extension tubes will not work with anamorphic lenses. Think ‘square peg, round hole’. 

The 15mm extension is now available at Duclos Lenses. Longer lengths available soon. Shop all Duclos Lenses extension tubes here.

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