Zeiss Nearly Completes the Supreme Line with 18, 40, and 200mm

Zeiss has been working hard to bring three promised focal lengths to life, ahead of schedule. The much desired focal lengths are an 18mm T1.5, a 40mm T1.5, and a 200mm T2.2. The addition of these three lenses really fills out the Supreme Prime line very well.

Zeiss’ dedication to Large Format cinematography has been clear for many years, going back to their original Compact Primes. Not only were the Compact Primes the first digital cinema lenses produced specifically for Full Frame production, but Zeiss was also the first manufacturer to introduce purpose built Full Frame cinema zoom lenses with the CZ.2 line. Zeiss continues to listen to their customers with the introduction of these three new lenses including the two gap fillers; the 18mm and 40mm, and the 200mm which I believe might be the longest purpose built cinema prime lens on the market. In fact, aside from the LWZ.2, every cinema lens that Zeiss currently produces is tailored for Large Format cinematography!

The above promotional video was shot on Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses and a Sony Venice camera.

One of the key elements offered by the Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses is consistency. That means consistent coverage, color rendering, size, weight, and ergonomics. Across the board, the lenses cover full frame and beyond. They’re even flexible in that they are equipped with an interchangeable mount system, which enables a quick change from PL to LPL.

Focal Length18mm40mm200mm
Max ApertureT1.5T1.5T2.2
Coverage35FF, VV35FF, VV35FF, VV
Minimum Focus14″16″6′ 9″
Front Diameter114mm95mm114mm
Weight5 lbs3.28 lbs6.33 lbs

With the addition of these three focal lengths the full Supreme Prime set totals 13 lenses, but for those of you who are superstitious don’t fret! In 2021, a 15mm will be added last, rounding out the family to 14 lenses.

Zeiss has also announced the Zeiss Virtual Cine Expo, an online trade show booth, which stems from the cancellation of many live events during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From July 15-17 2020, the virtual trade show booth will allow visitors and customers to interact directly with Zeiss representatives. With interactive content and live presentations, the international Zeiss team is providing a look at new products such as the Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses, as well as ongoing projects and topics. Sign up here to receive more information and an invitation as the event gets closer.

Delivery of the three new focal lengths will begin in September 2020. Pre-order now from ducloslenses.com.

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