Irix Cine Lenses Now in RF Mount

Irix reacted quickly to the popularity of the RF mount which is now available to their entire cinema lens line consisting of 11, 15, 45, and 150mm primes.

Irix Cine lenses in RF mount

With the option of RF mount, the Irix Cine products make for another excellent choice on anywhere from low-budget to high-end film sets. Their 8K resolution allows for quality and compatibility with the latest Canon cameras. Irix Cine lenses have a weight similar to the latest Canon C70 camera, guaranteeing a solid balance of the full rig – an important factor when using stabilizing systems such as a gimbal or Steadicam. The use of the native RF mount ensures a rigid connection with the camera body giving piece-of-mind when using automated follow-focus systems.

The Irix Cine lenses are available from Duclos Lenses with the latest Canon RF mount as well as Sony E, Canon EF, Micro 4/3, and Arri PL mounts.

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