Irix Develops New Generation of Polarized Filter

Photographic and cinema lens and accessory manufacturer, Irix, has introduced their new Irix Edge Circular Polarizer SR filter with some clever new technology that sets it apart from regular polarizer filters.

Irix Edge Circular Polarizer SR 95mm filter has two primary uses: protection for the lens and reduce light reflections. The SR (Super Resistant) series of Irix Edge filters have high resistance to scratches and mechanical issues such as impact damage. Thanks to the slim and ultralight aluminum frame with knurled edges, filter is easy to operate through a filter window and have little to no vignetting on select Irix lenses, not to mention the aesthetic design of Irix Edge filters harmonizes well with all Irix products. The glass surfaces of the filter are covered by a multi-coated anti-reflection layer that keeps the image clear and full of natural colors. The additional waterproof and oil repellent coating prevents stains, fingerprints and enable use of the lens in extreme weather conditions. These features allow for many years of trouble-free operation.

The Irix Edge Circular Polarizer filter reduces reflections from surfaces, emphasizes details, and increases color density of the image. The polarization effect of the filter allows reflections from the surfaces of water and glass to be eliminated, gives metal objects deep natural colors, and enhances the colors of plants and the sky. The polarization can even be adjusted to fit the cinematographers desired effect.

Another important factor is that Irix was able to make their Circular Polarizer SR filter even thinner at 4.3mm for further ease of use. The video below succinctly shows the components of the new Irix Edge Circular Polarizer 95mm SR filter and its augmented qualities.

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