ZEISS Firmware v1.71 Now Available

For owners of the ZEISS CP.3 XD, Supreme Prime and Supreme Prime Radiance lenses, the latest firmware is available now which will include minor bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

Firmware v1.71 improves the data exchange between the lenses and Sony Venice cameras. Even if you’re not using a Venice, it’s still a good idea to update. Firmware updates always contain improvements to the system when using any camera. Having the latest firmware helps ensure you have the best compatibility will all hardware and software that is available to work with the XD lens metadata. Updating corrects any issues, fixes communication bugs, and improves the integrity of the information coming from the lenses.

Keep your Firmware up to date!

For clients that purchased their ZEISS lenses from Duclos Lenses, enjoy complimentary firmware updates covered under Service+ Program. While your lenses are in, they’ll receive routine maintenance which includes front and rear element cleaning, exterior cleaning, flange depth/calibration, and a complete diagnostic check-up.

If you didn’t purchase ZEISS lenses from Duclos Lenses, or you did but your Service+ has expired, you can still send in your lenses for the firmware update and routine maintenance for small fee. Feel free to contact our service team today with any other questions/concerns.

Note that without the update, the ZEISS eXtended Data and Cooke /i data will still work as expected, continuing to provide data as normal because all plug-ins and XD-friendly hardware are backwards compatible. However, if you’re an original ZEISS prime owner who hasn’t updated the firmware since purchasing, this is a great opportunity to update now. Be sure to follow the Duclos Lenses shipping guide when you’re ready to send in your lenses.

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