40mm T1.5 Joins Tokina Cinema Vista Primes

Tokina has been adding focal lengths to their Cinema Vista line of high speed, large format cinema prime lenses ever since they were first announced back in 2016. Let’s take a quick look back as well as a peek forward at the Vista Primes.

Originally released as a 3-lens set, 35, 50, and 85mm, the Tokina Cinema Vista Primes signified a sort of coronation for Tokina as a cinema lens manufacturer. Instead of re-purposing existing photo lenses as was the popular trend back in the mid twenty-teens, Tokina decided to design and build brand new prime lenses focused on cinematography. Tokina slowly added additional focal lengths; 25, and 105, then the impressive 18mm as well as the insane 135mm – all T1.5 which is impressive to say the least. Once Tokina filled the somewhat necessary focal lengths, they moved on to popular demand. Based on our early polling of cinematographers, it was clear that the highest demand was a 40mm and a 65mm. Tokina has decided to go with the 40mm. Similar to the rest of the lineup, the 40mm will feature minimal distortion and focus breathing along with top-notch image quality even wide open at T1.5 across even the most obese large format cinema cameras.

A 114mm front ring with standardized gear positions merges the 40mm seamlessly with the rest of the Vista line . She’s a thick girl coming in at 5 lbs which is definitely on the heavier side for a prime lens, but that weight comes with edge to edge image quality. The entire Tokina Vista line lacks any sort of meta data or “smart” features such as /i or LDS – but this allows the entire line to have easily swappable mounts including Arri PL and LPL, Canon EF, Micro 4/3, and Sony E. Keep in mind, swapping mounts requires collimation every time – a good reason to buy from Duclos Lenses since that would be included for two years! Let’s take a look at the tech specs.

Focal Length40mm
Max ApertureT1.5
Coverage35FF, VV
Lens MountPL, EF, Micro 4/3, E, LPL
Front Diameter114mm
Filter Thread112mm
Weight5 lbs

Personally, I very much enjoy the 40mm focal length on FF35 format sensors. 50mm is considered “normal” by most for this specific format. Coming up on Super 35 format cameras, I’ve always had a fondness for a good ol’ 35mm focal length on S35. Jumping up to FF35 sensors like RED Monstro, Arri LF, Sony Venice, etc., the 40mm focal length compensates for the wider field of view, but not as much as a 50mm would, which I genuinely enjoy.

You can find the new Tokina Cinema Vista 40mm T1.5 along with the rest of the Vista Primes – 18, 25, 35, 50, 85, 105, and 135mm, at Duclos Lenses. A limited number of units will begin shipping immediately. The new 40mm will retail for $7,499 and is available for purchase at Duclos Lenses.

3 thoughts on “40mm T1.5 Joins Tokina Cinema Vista Primes

  1. It’s a fascinating decision to build the 40mm to a larger physical format (more like 25 and 105) than the 35-50-85 series. I suspect they might do the same with the rumored 65mm, creating an A set (35-50-85) a B set (25-40-65-105) and then extra lenses (16-28mm zoom, 18mm UWA, 135mm Tele, and perhaps a 180mm?). In any case, Tokina is quietly pushing the envelope, and I’m there for that!

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