DZOFILM Announces Full Frame “Vespid” Primes

DZOFILM is creating quite the buzz as of late (pun unintended – read on to understand the pun). They’ve tackled MFT zooms, S35 zooms, and now they have introduced their first Full Frame lenses: Vespid Cinema Primes.

The name “Vespid” was inspired by the wasp – small, nimble and agile, just like the new prime lenses. Being compact and lightweight (each about 2 lbs) the full frame primes will be another great option for gimbal, drone work and the like. With features such as minimal focus breathing, high contrast and controlled lens flare they will surely be a desirable option especially for entry level cinematographers. The Vespid lenses are uniform in that all have a standard front diameter of 80mm, the gears are in the same position, and a smooth 270 degree focus throw.

Focal Length25mm35mm50mm75mm90mm (Macro)100mm125mm
Max ApertureT2.1T2.1T2.1T2.1T2.8T2.1T2.1
Minimum Focus1′1′1.2′2′.285m2’4″2’7″
Front Diameter80mm80mm80mm80mm80mm80mm80mm
Weight2 lbs1.84 lbs2 lbs1.96 lbs1.76 lbs1.96 lbs2 lbs

Focal lengths include 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 125mm all at T2.1 which isn’t as fast as some may like, but at this price point and the size/weight, there’s really not much to argue. The Vespid Primes are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping late November 2020. There’s also a 90mm Macro T2.8 shipping late December 2020. Mount options at launch include Canon EF and Arri PL. DZO will add additional swappable mounts in the near future. Price is $1,249 per lens with the macro priced at $1,499. DZOFILM is working on a 16mm wide-angle lens to be released Spring 2021.

Matthew’s Take: So who are the new Vespid Primes for? I think it’s easier to establish who they aren’t for. If you’re the type that requires a heavyweight name engraved on your lenses to impress a producer, then these are not for you. If you want a super straight forward set of primes that are simply going to get the job done, then these are for you. I haven’t seen a well rounded set of primes like this since the old Zeiss Standard Speeds. Schneider came close with their Xenon FF Primes, but even they had issues that couldn’t be overlooked and they were priced relatively high. Veydra came close as well but couldn’t eek out a PL or EF mount and didn’t have enough coverage to keep up with the industry. Some could argue that Celere were on the right track aside from their entire business model… Lastly, and possible most relevant, Rokinon and Xeen CF. Rokinon broke ground as the “affordable” alternative to the big name brands in the industry. They paved the way for lower-cost lens manufacturers and I think that’s the best comparison to draw. The biggest difference being the size, weight, and speed. What you gain (lose?) in size/weight with the Vespid primes, you lose in speed. The XEEN CF primes are going to be faster, but also slightly larger. Let’s do a quick tech comparison between the Xeen 24mm and the DZO 25mm:

Front Dia95mm80mm
MountsPL, EF, E, M43, etcPL, EF (more soon)
Price (USD)$2,495$1,249

For more info on lens set pricing and other details head over to Duclos Lenses.

6 thoughts on “DZOFILM Announces Full Frame “Vespid” Primes

    1. Reviews of CP.3 suggest they are not APO designs. Looking forward to some chart tests to see quality of Vespid’s APO designs. Of course there are many other factors that go into making a lens the right tool for the job, but if you hate CA as much as I do, the APO question is an important factor.

  1. What’s the point comparing them when the only footage out there is the lousy footage shot by DZO. Those clips alone are a huge turn off. Horribly lit, garish makeup, etc. It’s really hard to discern the quality of the lens.

    1. I hear you… But you also just described 99% of “lens tests” that live on the internet. I’ve always encouraged my clients to perform their own tests to make informed decisions. There’s so much that can be misleading when judging a lens through a computer screen (or a phone screen in most cases).

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