SIGMA Adds 28, 40, and 105mm High Speed T1.5 Primes to Cine Lineup

Photo by Duclos Lenses

Just ahead of IBC, Sigma Cine has announced three brand new focal lengths to be added to their already well-rounded lineup of affordable high speed cinema primes, a 28mm T2.5, a 40mm T1.5, and a 105mm T1.5, bringing the total set count to ten lenses.

The 105mm T1.5 has been expected for some time now following the release of the 105mm f/1.4 ART lens. It’s no secret that the Sigma Cine Primes inherit their optical design from their photographic cousins. However, the 28mm and 40mm are entirely unique and not based on any existing photo lenses. This means that the 28mm and the 40mm were developed specifically for motion picture application. It’s also a clear indication that Sigma is listening to feedback and pursuing focal lengths that cinematographers are asking for.

A high speed 40mm and a high speed 28mm really do fill out the set nicely, but the 105mm T1.5 is truly a special lens. It’s one of the longest focal lengths currently available with such a fast aperture. This isn’t Sigma’s first time producing impressively fast glass. Their 14mm T2.0 also represents Sigma’s design and manufacturing might, being one of the fastest ultra wide-angle primes for the 35mm FF/VV format. Sigma is also expected to offer the new lenses as well as the rest of the primes in the brand new Arri LPL mount to support the Alexa LF moving forward.

If you’re heading to IBC, make sure you check out these new primes as well as the rest of the Sigma Cine lineup. Pricing has not yet been announced, but delivery is loosely set for early 2019 for the 28mm, and later this year for the 40mm and 105mm. A little teaser… Duclos Lenses will be hosting a hands-on event with these new focal lengths very soon. Stay tuned!

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