New 12x Ultra Accessories from Duclos Lenses

Carrying on with their original line of motion picture lens accessories, Duclos Lenses is pleased to introduce the latest and quite possibly greatest Carry Handle and Motor Bracket for the Angenieux 12x Ultra.

Duclos 12x Ultra Carry Handle

Inspired by the original Duclos 24-290mm Carry Handle design, the Duclos 12x Ultra Carry Handle features a flush fold grip that makes storage easy and convenient. It’s also padded for a comfortable worry-free grip. An extremely reliable, secure sleeve CNC machined from billet aluminum ensures confident transportation of this 28-pound lens. Installation of the new Angenieux accessory is quick, user-friendly, and requires no modification to the original lens body. 

The 12x Ultra Motor Bracket also inherits its design from its predecessors accessories.  Both the bracket and a seamless 360 degree zoom gear extension are included, both machined from billet aluminum with a black anodized finish. The bracket includes an adjustable eccentric to achieve the perfect mesh between the lens gear and the motor. The new 12x Ultra Motor Bracket accommodates all Heden M26T motors as well as Heden’s new Digital CM55 motor. 

Duclos 12x Ultra Motor Bracket

Order your Angenieux 12x Ultra Carry Handle and Motor Bracket from Duclos Lenses. Now shipping.

Duclos 12x Optimo Ultra Carry Handle showing folding movement.

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