Veydra Debuts New Mount Options For Mini Primes

25mm ImperialVeydra has done very well with their Micro 4/3 mount Mini Primes designed for cameras like the Panasonic GH4 or the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. Until now, the Mini Primes were available only in Micro 4/3 mount. But today they released a short video showcasing the new mount options and the wide range of cameras that these primes will work with.

The Mini Primes will be available with their original Micro 4/3 mount as well as a new Sony E and C-Mount variants. This means that your list of cameras jumps from a handful to dozens! Some of the more popular video cameras would be the new JVC LS300, the Sony A7s, A7r, A7rII, FS-100, FS-700, FS-7 and pretty much any Sony NEX camera. And don’t forget the Digital Bolex with it’s classic C-Mount. There are a few caveats to keep in mind. The JVC’s sensor mapping allows you to use the entire range of Veydra Mini Primes and still record 4K.  The 35mm Full Frame Sensor of the A7 series must be set to APS-C mode. APS-C (Super 35 format) cameras will only accept the 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. The 12mm and 16mm will not cover Super 35 format sensors.

While this may not have been Veydra’s goal from the beginning, the positive feedback from early adopters and demand for further compatibility has left us all with a pleasant surprise and cinematographers that were on the fence with a bit more encouragement. Despite the coverage caveats, the Veydra Mini Primes are still an excellent value and probably the most suitable Micro 4/3 lenses available for motion picture work.

4 thoughts on “Veydra Debuts New Mount Options For Mini Primes

  1. How about a canon EOS mount. Why should sony get all the fun. Would they work on the C100/300/300MKII? (25-50mm)

    1. Nope. The flange depth is far too shallow to allow the Canon EF mount to work. That’s why they’ve added the Sony E and C-Mount – because they’re very shallow flange depths.

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